Cute Halloween Ghost

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome To The Black Prade~~

here im back.. to the fake life n fake smile.. juz wana make others hapy.. 
no more fun.. if has its juz a fake hahaha ok what the.... lalalalala welcome to the dark side..
 im here... yuuuhuuu love 2 come back 2 the dark planet again... 
heyyy i misss uuuu hahaha ok...
 whats the $$#$@$!@^$# things i will do right now..??? 
ermmm juz on the plan... still thinking... still planning.. hahaha ok next plan.. 
find another person to make their life happiness... n after that burn myself...
 yessss thats me... ngee~~~ i love the fate that U give 2 me..
 eventhough its hard 4 me but i still thankful 2 u...
 coz i know everything does hapen there must be a reason.. 
so enjoyy even my life in a dark.. heyyy i like this song.. ONLY IN THE DARK~


  1. slm..hey..nape nie?
    jgn r kn adew..huhu
    be strong girl..ganbatte!
    I'll be here for u..I.allah..

  2. hehehe biase lah dear..
    idop.. sometime kt ats sumtime kt bwh haha
    ok thanx dear... im ok right now ;)
    luvvv u 2222.... ngeee~