Cute Halloween Ghost

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Couple~~

ok.. bru lps tgk gmba2 fren aku yg dh "kawen"... so halal la gmba dorg 2 sume kn kn kn hahaha
muda2 dh kwen.. cm best je hahaha (jgn ckp aku gatal plak) juz nk share yg aku tgk sume nye sweet2..
tetba rse cm nk kwen la pulak kahkahkahkah tp lmbt g kot perjalanan ni sabo jela ker..ker..ker..
anyway congrats 2 kwn2 ku yg dh kwen.. cpt2 dpt baby.. xsabo nk men dgn ank2 korg plak hahaha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss My Mr.Bangalo...

huhuhuhu u can say wat ever u like... there have been a few weeks.. no joke no chill no smiley i heard from u.. it make me mish u... huhuhu choice has been made.. cant turn it back.. yeahhh its cool.. i know right now u stil angry with me.. u can put the blame on me.. its ok.. its hard 2 4get u.. hard 2 4get every single word that deep into my heart (ceeewah) hahaha i know u can get sum1 beter than me.. yesss u can.. =) theres only 1 thing i want from u that is pliz 4give me... i didnt mean it 2 hurt u.. its all about fate.. i also dont know whats going on.. i juz folow the rules that GOD was plan 4 us.. its our fate.. all come from HIM.. enjoy our life eventhough its not as wat we want.. juz ignore it.. HE knows wt the best 4 us.. (^_^) dis ladybird juz 4 us.. @_+