Cute Halloween Ghost

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Im Sory~~

congrats~~ 4 the 1st time my tears fall coz of u.. huh..?? y..?? 
cos im jus started 2 like u.. ermmm wat ever.. 
yesss its hard 2 understand me.. n 4 me  its more difficult 2 understand people out there.. 
ur words tonite really touch my heart.. n its raining here.. 
ermmm.. u make me so shamed on u.. ok wat ever..
 i juz want 2 apologize im so sory coz lately im disturb u.. im sory.. i didnt mean it.. 
from now on i dont want 2 disturb u anymore.. ok juz act as usual..
 coz i really shamed on u 4 what has u juz said 2 me tonite.. its not ur false.. its my mistake..
 ok dats all.. *bleep*

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