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Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh No~~

huh...?? suratan or kebetulan..?? hahahah oh god 1 bus with "them"...?? ok firstly juz ignore it..
juz act like nothing hapen.. im not say that i dont like "them".. but... when i c they face....
 hahaha (like a lyric in a song)
ok2... sumting that im not comfortable.. i can remember clearly wat thus hapen between us..
 ok when arrived in ipoh.. i ask my classmate 2 take me to the hostel bcoz im walk alone ok..
all my roommate going back at different time.. so how come i will going back alone by taxi..??
oh no.. sure i dont want waste my money for that hahaha ok his coming with a "car"...
 n my friend said if there all our student 2..?? coz they look at us like.............. hahahaha damn...
 perlu ke nk tgk cm2..?? sume kt kolej ni boy n gurl pangkat adik aku je kot..
 xde nye nk bercintan2.. sory ok.. sume pngl aku kakak..
 so whats ur problem..?? watching us like that..??
 r u jealous..?? coz u just take a taxi 2 going back...??? hahahaha (laughing like an evil) 

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