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Friday, December 31, 2010

~Perjalanan 2010~

50 per 50~~

A lot of thing happens during this year... n thankful cos since i born 2010 was a great year 4 me..cause GOD u gave a good balancing during this year.. i've got half on a good thing n the other half was a litle bad thing.. not 2 cruel mey.. hehehe

  • on the beginning...
starting 1.1.10...ive got a lot of wonderful thing was happen at me.. i feel so happiness..evrything was good.. a lot of fun with frens, fmaly n special fren also.. were going 4 holidays..create a new experience.. it was awesome..!! i've never feel this feeling before.. but then people always says that b careful dear.. not 2 joy not 2 sad.. coz anything can hapen.. hey it juz an advice from our datok nenek right..?? huh.. emm its normal right.. suddenly.. i would realize dat its realy hapen.. hurmmm.. okay2 i accept that...

  • in the middle of years...
everything was change.. its 2 drustic n mayb its tragic i guess.. huhuhu i've never feel this would b hapen.. stating on myself untill 2 my frens... the results was coming.. n as usual its just like cukup2 mkn lah.. huh..?? hurm.. so..?? what would be i do right now..?? emm stat gelabah lah kn.. aply sne aply sni.. n on the same time presure comes from my fmly dats tell me to stat working... bla..bla..bla.. huh..?? not ready yet.. huhu n a crew problem.. oh man... no!! i've lost them.. dats not cool man... its terible... ermmm a lot of problems comes.. like a durian runtuh... knock...knock...helo enybody here..?? here i come... its shows dats like a signboard "new problems" attack!!... seems like a virus canot stop continue instaling..hahaha 

jeng jeng jeng.. a miracle comes... comes with full of shining like a jewels... hahaha hey.. bad gurl huh me?? it is...??? hahaha full of fantasy... ok turn back 2 the story... its a leter..comes from some kolej with cos "MULTIMEDIA"...?? huh...?? emmm..?? what it is..?? do i like this cos?? can i do it?? can i survive?? can i..??? huh.. full of Q&A.. ok now focus may i accept it or just ignore it..?? emm  ok.. lets try.. mayb its my destiny... who knows right..?? ok i accept it.. mum.. dad.. lets we go there.. i want study there.. then their face like...?? aym berak kapur hahaha hey... it is right..?? i almost 4get all the peribahasa lah..hehehe sorry.. ok then i go there.. while i've been there.. my mind, my soul.. never stop thinking about my enginering... uh..?? what will hapen..?? oh no.. i miss my ambitious hahahah then a week later... i've got a sms.. congratulation... u will accept 2 study in "COMPUTER ENGINERING".... oh man... oh GOD... ooohhhh...??? ok.. calm down.. big girls dun cry hahaha ok lets b rational n profesional.. then i decline that n continue in multimedia cos i dont want 2 waste my parents money anymore... thats enough.. just accept the fate... mayb in future.. i will succeed with this cos.. hey guys.. i belive in "karma"... what u give... u get back.. hahaha mcm xde kaitan je kn kn kn...but sumtime i stil thinking about my engenering hahaha untill now ok.. ohhhh... its normal right..thats not easy 4 u 2 4get the thing thats u like kn...ermm likes some1 dats u love leave u... ohhh no.. stop it...merepek lg ni.. hahaha ;P

  • at the end of 2010

a lot of memory i've been go through during this year.. n perhaps.. next year will be my lucky years..hahah i hope the fate is balance like this year..or mayb i've got a lot of good news hahaha i hope so... thanx 2 GOD cos evrthing was hapen during 2010 was recovery n turning back with a rational thinking by myself n my frens.. congratulations.. 2 my crew.. eventhough sum of us were not be together anymore..but we stil connecting each other outside right.. i hope this relationship will internal lasting 4ever.. i still miss u the past..the holidays dats will goes together.. but as usual its fate from GOD.. all good things come from his n all bad thing is our false.. im hapy with this fighting.. evrybody knows what to do 2 setle it..n 2 myself.. ill keep trying 2 accept this new life in MULTIMEDIA n 4get my ENGENERING hahaha... mayb we can c u soon my ENGENERING hahaha crazy..~~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010



"putra putra putra"~~
hehehehe xtw lah knp aku obses sgt dgn nick ni
mayb coz pengaruh dr cte putra katak kot hahaha
but dat was nice drama right
a little bit funny n a romantik comedy drama i guess so hahaha
ronaldo die sgt lah comey....oooo no dun 4get her wira
so jealousing hahaha but a cute cat meow meow~~
i love cat.. do u know?? hahahaha yes yes everybody knows dat..huh??
again... Q&A by myself hahaha ;D

Woody Woodpecker

My Heroes~~

I love u Mr. Woody....

hahaha i very very very love dis disney charector~~
cause i like when his laughing
same like me..i guess so hehehe
n his always "make me smile..." (^_^)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

PeNgOrBaNaN 2010~~


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2010 pnuh dgn pahit n manis mcm2 ada~~ azam aku pd 2010 nk berubah
dr emo kpd penyabar..
dgn kesabaran ni aku dpt bnyk peluang owg kt u r lucky gurl lah..hahaha lucky lah sgt..
bidang aku enginer n aku sgt2 lah aku wt penghijrahan yg besar kpt multimedia...
mula2 belajar oh tidak btl ke aku d sni?? hahaha smpi skg aku masih 
mencari identt aku dlm multimedia
wakakaka agak pelik d situ... blaja plak d ipoh.. fmaly aku kt knp jauh sgt sni2 xde ke..
haaa mak aku slalu kt ko blaja lah jauh 2 xde spe nk mlawat pyh la..xpe lah aku phm..
jnji aku blaja lalalala aku semakin smgt blaja kt sn sbb "kau ilhamku"~~ 
thanx support aku kt sne..jd teman aku utk aku cte suke duke aku kt sn.. 
thanx tw "my ucuk" ngee~~


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Cintaku dan cintamu kian berpadu~~ cewah... hahaha "aku masih sayang kamo"~~
tipulah klu aku kt aku xsyg..dh lme kte sme xkn lah aku leh lupe cm2 je..
wlupon ko bnyk wt aku bengang tpi aku syg ko huhu tah lah aku trase ko len skg..
bnde2 yg xlogik je ko nk mrh tah pape je lalalala ko ni ego sbnrnye 2 je huhu
aku rse sunyi bile ko xde... aku rindu lawak kau huhu tp aku tw 
"kau pon syg aku" kan kan kan hehehe 
mslh kau 1 je kau xpenah nk phm keadaan aku.. tp aku kne phm kau..xpyh sruh aku mmg phm sgt kau ni hehehe mrh2 pas2 ok bdk2 hehehe aku mintak maap xde niat nk mengata kau kt sni..aku just rindu je kt kau hahaha
"i never let u go ok" jeng jeng jeng...


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Jom layan~..

Ni feveret kte bile jiwe kacau huhuhu~

Demi masa aku coba menghalang semua itu~~
Hanya kerana kasih dan sayang...
Biar percintaan ini terus bersatu~~


Friday, December 24, 2010

Behind The Scene....

Thanx 2 cik savy merah a.k.a NAD coz help me design this..... =)
Jln cerite ---->

Pika: hye
Nad: hye hye
Pika: tulun design blog akak
Nad: ok nnt nad tulun
Pika: alaaa skg la
Nad: nnt nnt la
Pika: skg skg skg
Nad: ok2 baik bos ;p
Pika: yehhh ;)

P/S: skali skala buli bdk skola xsalah kn kn kn hahahaha

Ni lah budak nye...junior aku gak hehehe

Beginning :)

Hai kawan-kawan ! Hehehehe. Saya baru buat blog. Kenapa ? SEBAB SAYA BOSAN. Hahaha. Blog saya ni tak seberapa pun tapi saya harap awak semua enjoy baca blog kita ye. Hehehe. ;)