Cute Halloween Ghost

Saturday, January 1, 2011


FireWorks Dreams~~

ermmm it is nice right..?? but i never has the chance 2 feel it real.. i mean i never seen this realy closer into my eyes.. just look at that from far aways... 
emm i've been dreaming it every year.. but till now i havent yet the chance 2 see this.. people says it was awesome!! hey u must go there n see it.. 
hello "im waiting 4 wonderpets 2 save me n bring me there"...
hahahha crazy~~ emmm i hope mayb one day sum1 can bring me there 2 see it... 
n perhaps that person is my "sweety"... emmm what it is..?? errr.. like a boyfrens.. 
i guess... huh..?? hahaha no no no just kidding... but if its true y not right..?? 
its romantic right.. sit thare n c with my couple... emmm.. errr..
 i've no answer for that.. but i guess "yes its romantic.."!! MAYBE... 
hahaha ok enough...merepek already :D


  1. jom aq bwk ko..hehehe..almk,ko pown speaking?
    hehe..gud..gud job gurl..keep up the good work

  2. hahahaha haishhh malu lah \ckp omputih ni
    huh..?? bile..?? mana..?? jom2 hahaha

  3. keh3..bile aq da ader keta and pndi memandu...hahaha...x yah kite tmpg2 org dah..hahaha

  4. hehehe btol2
    say bye2 2 bas n tren hahaha