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Friday, December 31, 2010

~Perjalanan 2010~

50 per 50~~

A lot of thing happens during this year... n thankful cos since i born 2010 was a great year 4 me..cause GOD u gave a good balancing during this year.. i've got half on a good thing n the other half was a litle bad thing.. not 2 cruel mey.. hehehe

  • on the beginning...
starting 1.1.10...ive got a lot of wonderful thing was happen at me.. i feel so happiness..evrything was good.. a lot of fun with frens, fmaly n special fren also.. were going 4 holidays..create a new experience.. it was awesome..!! i've never feel this feeling before.. but then people always says that b careful dear.. not 2 joy not 2 sad.. coz anything can hapen.. hey it juz an advice from our datok nenek right..?? huh.. emm its normal right.. suddenly.. i would realize dat its realy hapen.. hurmmm.. okay2 i accept that...

  • in the middle of years...
everything was change.. its 2 drustic n mayb its tragic i guess.. huhuhu i've never feel this would b hapen.. stating on myself untill 2 my frens... the results was coming.. n as usual its just like cukup2 mkn lah.. huh..?? hurm.. so..?? what would be i do right now..?? emm stat gelabah lah kn.. aply sne aply sni.. n on the same time presure comes from my fmly dats tell me to stat working... bla..bla..bla.. huh..?? not ready yet.. huhu n a crew problem.. oh man... no!! i've lost them.. dats not cool man... its terible... ermmm a lot of problems comes.. like a durian runtuh... knock...knock...helo enybody here..?? here i come... its shows dats like a signboard "new problems" attack!!... seems like a virus canot stop continue instaling..hahaha 

jeng jeng jeng.. a miracle comes... comes with full of shining like a jewels... hahaha hey.. bad gurl huh me?? it is...??? hahaha full of fantasy... ok turn back 2 the story... its a leter..comes from some kolej with cos "MULTIMEDIA"...?? huh...?? emmm..?? what it is..?? do i like this cos?? can i do it?? can i survive?? can i..??? huh.. full of Q&A.. ok now focus may i accept it or just ignore it..?? emm  ok.. lets try.. mayb its my destiny... who knows right..?? ok i accept it.. mum.. dad.. lets we go there.. i want study there.. then their face like...?? aym berak kapur hahaha hey... it is right..?? i almost 4get all the peribahasa lah..hehehe sorry.. ok then i go there.. while i've been there.. my mind, my soul.. never stop thinking about my enginering... uh..?? what will hapen..?? oh no.. i miss my ambitious hahahah then a week later... i've got a sms.. congratulation... u will accept 2 study in "COMPUTER ENGINERING".... oh man... oh GOD... ooohhhh...??? ok.. calm down.. big girls dun cry hahaha ok lets b rational n profesional.. then i decline that n continue in multimedia cos i dont want 2 waste my parents money anymore... thats enough.. just accept the fate... mayb in future.. i will succeed with this cos.. hey guys.. i belive in "karma"... what u give... u get back.. hahaha mcm xde kaitan je kn kn kn...but sumtime i stil thinking about my engenering hahaha untill now ok.. ohhhh... its normal right..thats not easy 4 u 2 4get the thing thats u like kn...ermm likes some1 dats u love leave u... ohhh no.. stop it...merepek lg ni.. hahaha ;P

  • at the end of 2010

a lot of memory i've been go through during this year.. n perhaps.. next year will be my lucky years..hahah i hope the fate is balance like this year..or mayb i've got a lot of good news hahaha i hope so... thanx 2 GOD cos evrthing was hapen during 2010 was recovery n turning back with a rational thinking by myself n my frens.. congratulations.. 2 my crew.. eventhough sum of us were not be together anymore..but we stil connecting each other outside right.. i hope this relationship will internal lasting 4ever.. i still miss u the past..the holidays dats will goes together.. but as usual its fate from GOD.. all good things come from his n all bad thing is our false.. im hapy with this fighting.. evrybody knows what to do 2 setle it..n 2 myself.. ill keep trying 2 accept this new life in MULTIMEDIA n 4get my ENGENERING hahaha... mayb we can c u soon my ENGENERING hahaha crazy..~~

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