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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let it be..

Dear Diaries,

u can c i smile.. but inside.. u always make me cry n cry..
i try to pretend like nothing.. but it always hapen again n again..
i dun know until when i can stand with u.. u never change.. but i dont want to disapointed u..
so i decided 2 keep inside.. keep keep n keep... until when i dun know..
hopefuly i pray dat 1 day i found the happiness.. im sory.. i didnt mean it to talk sumting back behind u..
but... this only book that i have 2 wrote anything about my feeling.. coz u never here when i need u..
again im sory... now i feel lonely.. but let it be... as long as u hapy.. im hapy 2.. =)

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