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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss My Mr.Bangalo...

huhuhuhu u can say wat ever u like... there have been a few weeks.. no joke no chill no smiley i heard from u.. it make me mish u... huhuhu choice has been made.. cant turn it back.. yeahhh its cool.. i know right now u stil angry with me.. u can put the blame on me.. its ok.. its hard 2 4get u.. hard 2 4get every single word that deep into my heart (ceeewah) hahaha i know u can get sum1 beter than me.. yesss u can.. =) theres only 1 thing i want from u that is pliz 4give me... i didnt mean it 2 hurt u.. its all about fate.. i also dont know whats going on.. i juz folow the rules that GOD was plan 4 us.. its our fate.. all come from HIM.. enjoy our life eventhough its not as wat we want.. juz ignore it.. HE knows wt the best 4 us.. (^_^) dis ladybird juz 4 us.. @_+

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